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We bring a new business model to the circular economy

We make it easier for brands and packaging suppliers to secure volumes and meet Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content and CO2 footprint goals while growing the quality and quantity of recycled materials globally.

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How it works -
three simple steps for securing future volumes of recyclate


We bundle demand and specifications of Brands and producers and find recyclers willing to supply via new capacities


We guarantee the quality of the project and: Open volume quotas for pre-purchasing with pre-defined, easy conditions; Calculate the GHG footprint reduction potential, per product; Emit carbon credits from new projects (when applicable)


Partner Brands and Producers can, in an easy way: Pre-purchase volume quotas and secure material and conditions; Obtain reports of GHG savings from using Recyclate; Pre-purchase carbon credits from recycling projects with better conditions.

We change the economics of the market to increase recycling rates and reduce waste and it's impact to society.

recycling for consumer brands

For brands – make a positive, sustainable change and meet your goals

The world needs a new recycling strategy. There is simply not enough recycling happening!

We understand the challenges you face to reach your own targets on Post-Consumer Recycled content in your packaging and CO2 footprint of your suppliers. Your suppliers are not yet ready to meet your requirements – qualification, availability of feedstock, and current processes do not allow them to meet your needs.

We will help you secure future volume contracts from vetted recyclers. And to reduce your risk and exposure, we will combine your future demand with other companies and purchase large amounts from selected recyclers, that will benefit from it to invest, improve their processes, grow their capacities and meet your needs. To top it off, we will calculate their carbon footprint, so that you can report the Scope 3 savings you get from buying recycled feedstock.

recycling for consumer brands

For suppliers - qualify for brands with Post-Consumer Recycling targets

Your clients demand recycled content in your products. Finding quality grade recycled material is very hard, and using it in your current production is even harder – and you know that the supply of quality recyclates will become even more limited as demand grows.

We will help you work with your clients to secure future contracts of recycled material. And we will help you align on specifications so that it will be easier to purchase recyclate in future.

recycling for consumer brands

For recycling companies – secure future demand, clients and get the resources to grow

The material you receive is hard to process and most of what you recycle can only be sold to non-premium uses at low margins. You would like to improve your process and offer higher quality material, but you need first a commitment from clients, that requires that production is running and with approved batches – and that can take up to a year.

Join our program and we will help you securing harmonized future demand from multiple clients, allowing you to use it to invest in your business and grow it.

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About us

At RPC, we believe that to accelerate the world's transition to a circular economy we need new business models that are designed by the industry to the industry for a real lasting effect.

Our Mission is to create practical, realistic solutions that will incentivize and increase recycling and enable industry players to transition to a circular economy.

We are a venture of Chemovator, a startup incubator subsidiary of BASF.

Chemovator BASF Venture

Meet the founders

Michel Weinketz CEO

Michel Weinketz

Founder of RPC -
Michel at LinkedIn

“We need to think differently and from the industry if we want to make a difference in the circular economy.”

Michel Weinketz CEO

Jörg von Walcke

Founder of RPC -
Jörg at LinkedIn

“Let's rethink recycling and become impact measurement as a guideline for our future!”